Belgians Tweeting #BrusselsLockdown Cat Photos

On the third day of the Belgian lockdown, Brussels residents are relieving the tension, by tweeting tonnes of cute cat photos. Check out what we found on the #BrusselLockdown hashtag!

Belgians deal with #BrusselsLockdown

Belgians Tweeting #BrusselsLockdown Cat Photos

Belgian police have asked Brussels residents not to report on any police movements they see via Twitter. They did this by using the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag. It didn’t take long until Twitter Tweeps started to inject some humour, and a flood of cat photos followed!

Russian Drug Cheats – What’s New? Didn’t You See Rocky 4?

So, with news that Russian Athletes are drug cheats, we ask ourselves what’s new? Did no one else see Rocky 4? The most famous of the Russian Drug Cheats!

Russian Drug Cheats - What's new? Did no one else watch Rocky 4?

Russian Drug Cheats

In a way, Slapwank thinks that it would be much more fun for everyone to be a drug cheat. This way, the athletes could be pumped full of drugs, and we could just see how fast they could really run.

Slight problem though, they might all turn into this..

Belarus Shot Putter

Nadzeya Ostapchuk had to give back her/his/it’s gold medal when anabolic agents found in her/his/it’s system. Bewildering that this athlete actually needed a test to prove that!

Anyway, a full drug Olympics would be awesome in our opinion. Although the Russian drug cheats may be at an early advantage. What do you think?

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

Are you ready for Halloween 2015 yet?  Be cool, and don’t be a muppet. Especially like these saddo ultimate Halloween fail videos from last year. Enjoy!

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos

Some of those ultimate Halloween fail videos are seriously stupid. Some of them are pretty funny as well. Did you see the cat? Well, cats are always funny really I suppose.

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

If you or someone else around you fail as spectacularly as these idiots at Halloween, we’d love to see it. Send us your videos to the Slapwank Facebook page!

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Watch the Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank.

African Bicycle Dancer Has Got Mad Skills!

Think you can do a few tricks on a bike? Think again! This African bicycle dancer has got mad skills that you can only dream of! Check the video below.

African Bicycle Dancer

Is that the coolest guy on earth or what?!

If you can do even half the stuff that this guy can, Slapwank wants to see your videos now! Send them into us on the Facebook fanpage, and lets us share them with the world!

African bicycle dancer has mad skills. Check them out on Slapwank!


African bicycle dancer has mad skills !

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