After School Satan Clubs in US Elementary Schools

Have you heard about the After School Satan Clubs in US Elementary Schools? Well keep reading, because this is as funny as it gets!

After school satan clubs for elementary schools in the USA

After School Satan Clubs

So what’s this about then? Well, it seems that if Christians are allowed after school clubs at elementary schools, Satanists want theirs too!

The idea of After School Satan Clubs may be a reality, after The Satanic Temple contacted school districts across the USA to announce that it wants to open after-school clubs

Even Martha Wright, executive director of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) of Maryland, agrees After School Satan clubs are fair.

“Well of course, when the Supreme Court voted in 2001 that religious groups could have equal access, that opened the door to any religious group,” she said.

For more information about just what the fuck it is all about, take a look at The Satanic Temples website.

The Washington Post also put an article about it >> Satanic Temple


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