Red Dwarf – Classic British Comedy | The First Sci-Fi Sitcom In The World!

Red Dwarf is a classic British Comedy, and the first sci-fi sitcom in the world! First aired in 1988, there are currently 11 series with a 12th on its way.

Red Dwarf Classic British Comedy

All 11 series of Red Dwarf have given us some classic lines to enjoy. Here are just a few of the memorable quotes from the show! Check out our sister site Red Dwarf Quotes for more memes, quotes, and full scripts.

Ace Rimmer - What a guy! Classic Red Dwarf quote from the British sc-fi comedy show

This Red Dwarf quote is from the Cat - a central character in this classic Britiish TV comedy

Keep calm and smeg off - Red Dwarf inspired keep calm meme

Mr Flibble appears in a great Red Dwarf episode where Rimmer is madder than usual!

The Cat giving another classic quote from Red Dwarf!