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22 Funny Letters Written To Santa Claus That Will Make You Smile!

22 Funny Letters Written To Santa Claus That Will Make You Smile!

Most kids write a Christmas letter to Santa. It’s part of tradition. Some letters can be a lot funnier than others though! Here are some funny, and just plain weird letters written to Santa. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1. Watch your language!


2. I hate getting kool in my stocking.

3. That escalated quickly.

4. I think #6 would help us get to #5.

5. Greedy from the start.

6. Yeah, Santa! Show us some proof.

7. This is a noble kid.

8. This little kid didn’t want to neglect Mrs. Claus!

9. A superhero in the making.

10. This poor kid doesn’t even know if they’ve been naughty or nice.

11. Don’t play with the hookers!

12. At least this kid knows that he’s on the naughty list.

13. Just give her a puppy already!

14. I don’t think Santa will be able to read this.

15. This kid wants the alphabet.

16. Hard to argue with that.

17. This is a very tech-savvy kid.

18. Can’t even decide on a color.

19. Just send him a text.

20. Type it in, Santa.

21. When your handwriting is really bad, this is a nice option.

22. I mean…he’s not wrong.

What’s on your Dear Santa list this year?