Best Funny Monday Memes – We Hate Monday!

If Monday had a face I would punch it

We all hate Mondays, right?! This collection of best funny Monday memes expresses it all. Get into the mood for the week ahead with these classic Monday memes! Check out this really awesome and funny Monday meme collection. … In fact, with the right mindset, it can be one of the best days of your week.

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The Best Funny Blackadder Memes at Slapwank

funniest blackadder memes

Blackadder is perhaps the funniest and most intelligently written British comedy series of all time. The conniving Blackadder with his hapless partner in crime Baldrick have kept people entertained for years. With only four series consisting of six episodes each, Blackadder left it’s mark. Here is a collection of the best funny Blackadder memes.

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Best Funny Web Browser Memes

Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection

This collection of best Funny Web Browser Memes might sound geeky. Well, it is a little bit. BUT, if you have ever used different web browsers, you will know how accurate this funny memes are! Check out the best of the best below…

The worst part about using internet explorer funny web browser memes


Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection

I think that explorer may be the butt of most of these jokes, but let’s see!!

Conversations between browsers - funny best browser memes


Browsers! Yay! Explorer really is that bad though. No joke!

Web browser competition - funny web browser meme


See what I mean!

Of course, for some reason, people still use explorer. This explains who!

Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection


This happens to me all the time.


Chrome is pretty good too though.

These are definitely  some of our faves! If you want to check out more best funny web browser memes, please visit our facebook page – Slapwank.