African Bicycle Dancer Has Got Mad Skills!

African bicycle dancer has mad skills. Check them out the video on Slapwank!

Think you can do a few tricks on a bike? Think again! This African bicycle dancer has got mad skills that you can only dream of! Check the video below.

African Bicycle Dancer

Is that the coolest guy on earth or what?!

If you can do even half the stuff that this guy can, Slapwank wants to see your videos now! Send them into us on the Facebook fanpage, and lets us share them with the world!

African bicycle dancer has mad skills. Check them out on Slapwank!


African bicycle dancer has mad skills !

Halloween Clowns – Get into the Halloween Mood!

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

Last updated on October 15th, 2019 at 02:53 pm

Clowns – Do they scare you? Well, dressing up as scary Halloween Clowns is as old as the tradition itself! Check out these scary Halloween clown memes.  The best and scariest clown memes for Halloween is here. Share with a friend or someone and scare them to death lol.

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Mascot Guard Prank Goes Badly Wrong – Crowd Goes Wild!

Mascot Guard Prank Fail Sens The Crowd Wild

This mascot guard prank sent people wild in the stadium. It’s gone viral online too, and with good reason – It’s awesome! Read more…

Mascot Guard Prank Goes Wrong and The Crowd Goes Wild

This Mascot  Guard Prank Sent The Crowd Wild – See Why Below!!


A sports mascot’s job is to get the crowd going. Be entertaining. make people laugh. Normally, they do this at the expense of someone else.  Sometimes, it goes wrong though like this mascot guard prank.

The thing is, Orbit the mascot is so funny. He really gets the crowd going, normally by dancing off, challenging, and poking fun. During one game though, he took it a step further, and chose a guard.

Orbit vs a guard in front of the whole stadium? What could go wrong in this epic mascot guard prank? Well, a lot! See what happened by checking out the mascot guard prank video below!


Has that guy got some move or what?!

We guess Orbit will pick his dance off victims more carefully next time after this mascot guard prank fail!