Weird US Halloween Costumes – Not Long To Go

weird US Halloween Costumes

Are you ready for Halloween yet? If not, you’ve only got a few days left, so time to get  your ass into gear!! Here are a selection of just plain weird  US Halloween costumes to act as inspiration!


Weird US Halloween Costumes

If you haven’t got your Halloween costume yet, take a look at these. They are just a selection of some of the weird US Halloween costumes you can order, and get delivered to you in time for the big day.

>Nothing says Halloween like an over-easy egg Halloween costume. Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. If you are that crazy, you can get yours here >>Over Easy Egg Food Costume Fried Eggs Scramble Women Theatrical Costume

Where there’s eggs, there’s bacon. Well, it kind of looks like bacon. If you have been taking a lot of low grade acid. Which to be fair, you would need to in order to wear this weird US Halloween costumes. Available here >>Rasta Imposta Bacon Strip Costume, Brown, One Size

See, this one doesn’t look so weird now. It just looks shit. >>elope Plague Doctor Mask, Brown, One Size

This one reminds me of an old girlfriend. Happy days!! Shensee Weird Halloween Party Animal Latex Mask (02)

What’s the weirdest looking Halloween costume you have seen. Or have you ever worn one, where people just say ‘WTF is that?’ We would love to see any photos you have! Post them on the Slapwank facebook fanpage which you can find here >> Slapwank

Post your weird US Halloween costumes for the world to see, and we will pick the best of the best for a new post here on Slapwank!

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Cute Baby Rhino Video – Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

cute baby rhino

This cute baby rhino is the cutest thing you are going to see all day! She is called Kianga, and is just a few days old. Check out the video below!

Cute Baby Rhino

Apparently she is the 94th southern white rhino to have been born in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. What a cute baby rhino!

“Kacy is a very attentive and protective mother,” Tina Hunter, of San Diego Zoo Safari Park said.  “She is fairly tolerant of the other rhinos being curious about the baby, but she is definitely keeping them at a distance. She is going to have her work cut out for her, as Kianga is rambunctious, has lots of energy and is a very curious little calf.”

A three-day-old female southern white rhino calf bravely went horn-to-nub with her “auntie,” an adult female rhino named Utamu (pronounced O-ta-moo), earlier today at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Awesome use of the word rambunctious there!

Well, we at Slapwank wish mother and daughter all the best. By the way, we toyed with the idea of a video of two rhinos mating. It was a bit early in the morning for that sort of thing though! So, we will just have the video of a cute baby rhino instead!


Sexy Halloween Costumes – Hottest UK Halloween Costumes

sexy halloween costumes - the hottest UK sexy halloween ciostumes

Last updated on May 24th, 2020 at 08:33 am

Halloween is almost here, and do you have your sexy halloween costumes yet? Ladies, take your pick from these hottest UK Halloween costumes. Trust us, the fellas love sexy Halloween costumes! Fellas, get the other half one of these – You will both appreciate it!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

You know, a sexy nurse outfit never looks wrong. Plus, you don’t just have to wear it for Halloween! This Ann Summers Womens Nurse Fancy Dress Costume  is one of the sexy Halloween costumes we love to see being worn!

There is something very, very naughty about a woman dressed up as the devil with horns on her head. or maybe it’s just the short skirt? Red Devil outfits always rate highly among sexy Halloween costumes. If you are from the UK, get your missus one here >> Women’s Fancy Dress Costume – Hell Hot She-Devil Costume 

The Purple Witch on the top row gets out vote! >> Halloween Costumes Women Sexy Adult Many Designs Cute Sizes S-XL


Leather and whips just go together excellently. If you can pull off wearing this, then go for it! remember to send a photo into our facebook page here – Slapwank


Don’t panic – of course we were going to get to a sexy vampire costume! Our list of sexy Halloween costumes wouldn’t be complete without one! Sexy Vampire Fancy Dress Gothic Costume 

What can we say? A sexy policewoman outfit for Halloween is just ideal! Love the way the handcuffs are just dangling there as well!

Silvia’s Wand(TM) Adult Sexy Police Woman Halloween Cosplay Costume Fancy Dress Outfit Uniform Suit

These are definitely the best sexy Halloween costumes available in the UK. Have you got your Halloween costume sorted out yet? Don’t leave it until the last minute! You can order online now through