MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem

MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem

Brye Anne Russillo has a unique problem in the rough and tumble world of MMA fighting. Her massive breasts have forced her to fight in a heavier division. Read on to find out more…

MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem


Brye Anne Russillo MMA Fighter

Byre Anne Russillo has been told that she must fight in a heavier division this weekend than she is used too. Despite her best efforts, she has found it impossible to strip down to 145lbs. The reason? Her breasts weigh 12lbs.

MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem

If she lost any more weight, then she would also lose muscle. And this is muscle needed to pummel her next opponent in the ring. As she said herself “I can’t cut my tits off.” (We totally agree – what a marvel they are!).

MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem

The decision was made then, to fight a class heavier at 150lbs. We can’t wait to see her in action… Good luck!!

MMA Fighter Brye Anne Russillo Massive Breasts A Problem


Massive Age Gaps in a Relationship

massive age gaps in relationships

Last updated on January 29th, 2018 at 12:04 pm

Massive Age Gaps in a relationship. Right or Wrong? Or should we simply say, “Well done you!”?! Here are some relationships which have truly massive age gaps. They also have one thing in common. See if you can guess what it is by the end of the article!

Massive Age Gaps

Here’s Billy Joel and his Mrs. At 33 years old, she is half the age of 66 year old Billy. Well done that man! (He was also married to Christie Brinkley in the past – he’s certainly doing something right!).



Obviously, we have to include Jack Nicholson. The question is less ‘How does he do it?’, but more ‘How is that man still alive?’. There is something a little disturbing about this picture. We suggest not looking at it before a meal.


When a Playboy model marries a billionaire, you know it is true love. Honestly. If he didn’t have a penny, she would still love him from the bottom of her heart. (Which appears to be buried benath a pair of incredible breasts!). Richard Lugner (nice one!) and Cathy Schmitz.

The Mirror

Rock legend Ronnie Wood has been punching far above his weight for years. Dating Ekaterina Ivanova is probably the highlight of his life though. How he gets away with having such a massive age gap in relationships is beyond us. Like old jack above, how he is still alive is more remarkable.

massive age gaps in relationships


And we finish with Brian Grazer, who obviously did something right in a previous life to land Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen.


So, did you guess what all these relationships with massive age gaps had in common? Fame and money! So, if you are planning on dating someone half your age in retirement, get working on your fame and fortune plan. Quick!


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Best Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes

best funny vw emissions memes

Best Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes – Poor old VW. They have had a bad week. Terrible in fact. But then again, they did try to cheat the entire world with their emissions tests. Inevitably, this brought on a tonne of funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes. Check them out below!

Best Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes

We are pretty sure, that the bosses of VW want to disappear in a cloud of smoke. Or at least a cloud of exhaust fumes. How on earth did they think they were going to get away with it? Trying to con the entire world is ambitious, even by German standards! Slapwank predicts that the scandal will rumble on for some time, but drop out of the headlines soon. In the mean time, we have collected the best funny VW emissions scandal memes for you, all in one handy place. Enjoy!

funny VW emissions memes

We imagine that this VW scandal has basically killed off the chances of diesel cars taking of in the USA.

Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes

And this is why!

best funny VW emissions memes

This is one of our faves. can you imagine working in a VW garage franchise right now?

Best funny VW emissions memes

For that matter, can you imagine being a ‘high-flier’ in VW? We wonder who they will make the scapegoat. or will everyone simply ‘retire’ before they can be brought to account?

Best funny VW emissions memes

To be fair, it’s not the guys fault at any of the garages. As usual, it’s the fat-cats in suits to blame.Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes

But they will use their Jedi skills to escape blame.

Funny VW Emissions Scandal Memes

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David Cameron Pig Memes Go Viral – Oink Oink

Best Funny David Cameron Pig Memes

David Cameron Pig Memes Go Viral! – The past couple of weeks have been fantastic for UK politics. Rumours abound that British PM David Cameron was involved in some sort of weird university initiation ceremony. With a pig. Obviously, a frenzy of pig memes then hit the internet. Check out the best funny David Cameron pig memes via Slapwank.

David Cameron Pig Memes

In a way, Slapwank doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. I mean, it’s not like the pig was alive or anything? Still, we got in on the fun and created a few David Cameron pig memes of our own. Or should that be David Hameron?!

David Cameron Pig Memes

Best Funny David Cameron Pig Memes

And of course, the David Cameron Pig Memes craze, also spawned a run on old pig jokes. If you have any to add, leave a comment below!

“Q: What do you call a pig thief?
A: A hamburglar.

Q: What do you get when you cross a frog and a pig?
A: A lifetime ban from the Muppet Show studio.

Q: What do you call a pig with no legs?
A: A groundhog.

Q: Why was the pig ejected from the football game?
A: For playing dirty.

Q: Why did the pig cross the road?
A: He got BOARed.

Q: Who is the smartest pig in the world?
A: Ein- swine

Q: How do you take a sick pig to the hospital?
A: In an hambulance!

Q: What do you call a pig that drives recklessly?
A: A road hog.

Q: How do you make a pig squeal?
A: Kick your step mum in the FACE!

Q: What’s worse than a male chauvinist pig?
A: A woman that won’t do what she’s told.

Q: Why can’t men get mad cow disease?
A: Because men are pigs

Q: What do you call a pig that’s wrong?
A: Mistaken bacon.”

That’s all the pig jokes for now. I’m off to get a bacon sandwich.