Weird US Halloween Costumes – Not Long To Go

Weird US Halloween Costumes – Not Long To Go

Are you ready for Halloween yet? If not, you’ve only got a few days left, so time to get  your ass into gear!! Here are a selection of just plain weird  US Halloween costumes to act as inspiration!


Weird US Halloween Costumes

If you haven’t got your Halloween costume yet, take a look at these. They are just a selection of some of the weird US Halloween costumes you can order, and get delivered to you in time for the big day.

>Nothing says Halloween like an over-easy egg Halloween costume. Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. If you are that crazy, you can get yours here >>Over Easy Egg Food Costume Fried Eggs Scramble Women Theatrical Costume

Where there’s eggs, there’s bacon. Well, it kind of looks like bacon. If you have been taking a lot of low grade acid. Which to be fair, you would need to in order to wear this weird US Halloween costumes. Available here >>Rasta Imposta Bacon Strip Costume, Brown, One Size

See, this one doesn’t look so weird now. It just looks shit. >>elope Plague Doctor Mask, Brown, One Size

This one reminds me of an old girlfriend. Happy days!! Shensee Weird Halloween Party Animal Latex Mask (02)

What’s the weirdest looking Halloween costume you have seen. Or have you ever worn one, where people just say ‘WTF is that?’ We would love to see any photos you have! Post them on the Slapwank facebook fanpage which you can find here >> Slapwank

Post your weird US Halloween costumes for the world to see, and we will pick the best of the best for a new post here on Slapwank!

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