Funny Hamster Memes – The best hamster memes online

Funny hamster memes will appeal to everyone! These are the best funny hamster memes we can find online.

Funny Hamster Memes

There’s something about hamsters and how funny they are. It’s the combination of cute and stupidity we think! Here are some great hamster memes, and we’ve also included a funny hamster video just for you!

Funny hamster memes - I'm a gangsta hamster

Oh yeah – I’m gangsta!

Fat Hamster

Funny hamster memes - I don't want to diet!

Just one more small nibble. But really, I don’t want to diet!

A funny Hamster video

Ok, we LOVE this funny hamster video, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

More funny hamster memes

Here’s a couple more funny memes about hamster. This one about the girlfriend though 😀

Funny hamster memes - Tasty banana!

The hamster girls love banana. Ok, so that’s a bit naughty, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate it!

We Love Hamsters

Funny hamster memes - Give me a kiss darling!

Give us a kiss! That reminds us of going on a date for the first time. Oh, we were so young an innocent!

Mean Hamster

Funny hamster memes -I am a cobra

And that’s all the funny hamster memes we have for you!Please feel free to share them around with anyone you think will like them!

Funny Hamster Jokes

What do you call a hamster with a top hat? Abrahamster Lincoln

What do you call a hamster with no legs? A furball.

Where does a hamster go for Spring Break? Hamsterdam!

What’s gray and furry on the inside and white on the outside? A hamster sandwich!

Why did the hamster run away? Because it didn’t have a wheel!

Why was the Hamster upset with his job? It didn’t pay enough salary (celery).

What did the mother hamster say to her children when they wanted a bedtime story? I don’t have a tale!

Where do hamsters come from? Hamsterdam (Amsterdam) What do you call a hamster with 3 legs? Hamputee.

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