Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

Last updated on August 27th, 2019 at 06:25 am

Halloween is a time to be clever with your costume. Or a total muppet.  We hope you enjoy these saddo ultimate Halloween fail videos!

Funny Halloween Fails

We’ve pulled together some of the funniest Halloween fails for you, including videos and of course some Halloween memes!

Halloween Fails 2014

Some of the best from 2014.

Some of the best from 2015

There’s some serious idiots in this once. I mean, what does Batman think he is doing? How could that possibly have worked?!

2016 Halloween Fails and Pranks

We love the air-horn prank in this video!

Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos

Some of those ultimate Halloween fail videos are seriously stupid. Some of them are pretty funny as well. Did you see the cat? Well, cats are always funny really I suppose.
Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank

If you or someone else around you fail as spectacularly as these idiots at Halloween, we’d love to see it. Send us your videos to the Slapwank Facebook page!

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Watch the Ultimate Halloween Fail Videos at Slapwank.

5 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

snakes in a bra smuggling attempt

Last updated on September 27th, 2017 at 01:33 pm

The 5 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security – What’s the weirdest thing you have have packed to take on vacation, and does it beat these?

Weird things found at airports

A dead seal’s head.

  1. Found in luggage in the USA in2004. A customs offical was quoted as saying  ”He indicated that he was aware that he needed a permit and that he didn’t have a permit.” Source – http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/21/us/seal-s-head-is-found-in-luggage-at-airport.html?_r=0


2. Human Skull Fragments

Why stop at a seals head, when you can pack human skull fragments? Discovered at Fort Lauderdale airport in 2013. Source >> http://blog.tsa.gov/2013/04/tsa-week-in-review-40-firearms.html

human skull fragments found at airport

3. Marijuana Filled Grenades

If you are going to smuggle drugs through an airport, why on earth would you hide them in a replica grenade? Well, that’s exactly what some dumbasses did in Tuscon! Source >> http://blog.tsa.gov/2012/10/tsa-week-in-review-42-firearms.html

weed filled grenade

4. 451 Turtles in a Suitcase

This would be a great name for a band or even a song. The reality is though, a passenger on a flight from Bangladesh to Bangkok tried to smuggle in 451 live turtles. Crazy mo-fo. Source >> http://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-turtles-idUSTRE75119R20110602

451 Turtles in a suitcase

5. Snakes in a Bra

A far as creative smuggling attempts go, trying to smuggle 75 snakes in a bra is a pretty brave attempt! A woman was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden when suspicion was aroused by the woman repeatedly scratching her chest. Well, wouldn’t you?

snakes in a bra smuggling attempt

Actually, we think that Snakes in a Bra would be a great name for a film! A lot better than that awful snakes on a plane film, that’s for sure!

Whats’ the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone take on a plane? If it tops any of these, then let us know!

Paul Nuttall Looks Like Eddie Hitler From Bottom

In an awesome turn of events, newly elected UKIP leader Paul Nuttall looks like Eddie Hitler from Bottom.

Paul Nuttall Looks Like Eddie Hitler From Bottom

Paul Nuttall Looks Like Eddie Hitler From Bottom

We could go on and write more, but really, the photo says it all!

By the way, if you are interested in the TV show Bottom, take a look at this Facebook page – Mrs. Slocombe’s Pussy. They feature Bottom and tonnes of other great British Comedy.

After School Satan Clubs in US Elementary Schools

After school satan clubs for elementary schools in the USA

Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 07:42 am

Have you heard about the After School Satan Clubs in US Elementary Schools? Well keep reading, because this is as funny as it gets!

After school satan clubs for elementary schools in the USA

After School Satan Clubs

So what’s this about then? Well, it seems that if Christians are allowed after school clubs at elementary schools, Satanists want theirs too!

The idea of After School Satan Clubs may be a reality, after The Satanic Temple contacted school districts across the USA to announce that it wants to open after-school clubs

After school Satan club

Even Martha Wright, executive director of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) of Maryland, agrees After School Satan clubs are fair.

“Well of course, when the Supreme Court voted in 2001 that religious groups could have equal access, that opened the door to any religious group,” she said.

For more information about just what the fuck it is all about, take a look at The Satanic Temples website.

The Washington Post also put an article about it >> Satanic Temple

2017 Update

The after school Satan clubs are still going strong, but they are not a success everywhere.

A so-called After School Satan Club at Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma, Washington is shutting down after only one child joined.

“As we predicted, the so-called Satanist club fizzled,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, which represents CEF.

“The so-called Satanist Temple and its after-school club had nothing good to offer students, so it was only a matter of time before it fizzled out. The so-called Satanic Temple group is not legitimate. It’s a handful of atheists masquerading as so-called Satanists whose only reason for existence in schools is to be disruptive and oppose the Good News Clubs,” he said.

The Seattle Satanic Temple first offered the club in December 2016.

Funny Memes

Here’s a collection of funny memes you might be interested in:

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Where do you keep your most valuable possession, or hide your darkest secrets? These 10 Most Well-Guarded Locations On The Planet make you wonder just what the powers-that-be who run the world have to hide.

10 Most Well-Guarded Places On The Planet

10 Most Well-Guarded Locations On The Planet

What do Area 51, the Church of Scientology, the Vatican and KFC have in common? They all feature on this list of the 10 most well-guarded places on the planet! Just what do the government and secret societies keep behind locked doors? Watch the video, and find out for yourself!