Halloween Clowns – Get into the Halloween Mood!

Clowns – Do they scare you? Well, dressing up as scary Halloween Clowns is as old as the tradition itself! Check out these scary Halloween clown memes.  The best and scariest clown memes for Halloween is here. Share with a friend or someone and scare them to death lol.

Halloween clown memes

Scary Halloween Clowns

Leave it to the internet to take some of the scariest characters in all of fiction and use them for some laughs. We’ve collected the scariest clown memes to get you into the Halloween mood. This could also be a good source of costume idea for your trick or treat.

Check out the top five scariest clown memes that will surely scare the hell out of you!

1. Sleep tight. I’m under your bed

Halloween clown memes

We’re not sure why you’re looking for a scary clown meme but hey, here’s our creepy collection. Even when we were younger we always get scared at the thought of something creepy might hiding under out bed. This meme is not new to most of us. Even today kids still get scared at the thought of this.

What was your scariest under the best story when you were little?

2. Cannibals don’t like me

Halloween clown memes

Memes have its own way of making almost anything funny and that includes creepy images and notes. From popular movie characters to childhood stories that kept us awake at night, the internet has a way to make them more enjoyable. And if you are looking for the funniest creepy memes you can send to your friends, we have just the right collection for you. Scroll down and take your pick!

3. I’m in your closet

Halloween clown memes

Unlike funny horror movies, ridiculous horror memes involve legitimately terrifying films, turning them into laughable jokes that, at the most, are rated PG.  We can never forget one of the scariest childhood story of someone hiding in our closet. And it scares the sh*t out of us!

This meme deserves this spot and should be shared with a sibling or childhood friend who would remember scary stories too!

4. You disgust me Ronald

Halloween clown memes

It is the title character in Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel It. The character is an ancient cosmic evil which preys upon the children of Derry, Maine, roughly every quintillion of years, using a variety of powers that include the ability to shapeshift, manipulate, and go unnoticed by adults.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown does a lot of bad things in It Chapter 2. It eats children. It buries people alive. It even turns a puppy into a spooky demon hellspawn. The clown is by no means a good role model for upcoming clowns and comedians.


5. Spiders are no joke!

Halloween clown memes

This joke about spiders and spider web pun are great for kids and perfect to share during Halloween. How do spiders communicate? Through the World Wide Web. What is a spiders favorite TV show?

These spooky, silly Halloween memes are sure to get you in the scaring spirit. Which one did you like? Share with a friend now!

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