Funny Lazy Memes Collection

Whether you like to sleep, eat or just watch TV all day these funny lazy memes are for you. We all want to have at least at day to do nothing. And these memes perfectly describe how that feels. 

lazy dog

We put together the funniest lazy memes to give you a dose of laughter today. Daily grind can be exhausting but don’t give up, these funny lazy memes will make your day.

Funny Lazy Memes

These are the top five lazy memes guaranteed to make laugh. We all have that feeling of extra lazy some days and these five memes sum up how we feel during those times.

Let’s go ahead and see which five of the funniest memes made it to the list. Enjoy and share with someone who feel lazy today too!

1. I’m done. Carry me.

Lazy Meme with a dog

Who else have been there? When you’re too lazy to walk even to get a glass of water or even take a bath lol.

This carry me meme are for those who are too lazy to move, much more go for a walk or go outside of the house. When a friend asks you to go out but you’re too lazy so you’re just going to pass.

Well we’ve all been there. Don’t we?

2. Is that the one?

Funny Lazy Memes with cat

Have you ever had a cat that’s too lazy to catch a mouse? LOL We did. That cat that’s just gonna let a mouse pass by and watch it leave.

It’s one of the funniest memes we’ve seen not just for lazy memes but cat memes too!

Do you have a cat like this too?

3. This is all of us on Mondays.

Funny Lazy Memes with dogs

Who else hates Mondays and why does it comes so fast?

Weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work and this is exactly how we feel every time. Don’t get us wrong, going to work is fine. But these meme is for those who hates Mondays.

Cheer up and get your dose of laughter on this one. We’re pretty sure almost everyone can relate!

4. I could go faster but then I’d have to walk.

Funny Lazy Memes with turtles

Are you one of those who hate Monday? Do you feel like you just want to lie down all day? Do you always feel lazy? If your answer to these questions is yes, congratulations, we’re pretty sure these memes are spot on for you lol.

We all have that moment and it’s okay, we can be lazy sometimes especially on weekends. We’re all up and about all week, working and doing all the stuff we need to do so feeling lazy sometimes is normal.

I mean who doesn’t feel that?

5. Fake it ’till you make it lol

Funny Lazy Memes about girlfriends

Feeling lazy is a passing mood in a day or two. Any person who felt laziness will relate to these memes and say “same”.

Did your favourite funny lazy meme made it to these list? Let us know in the comments.

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