Funny Memes About Friends

What’s the best way to celebrate friendship than to laugh. We collected the top funny memes about friends that you can share with your bestie for a dose of fun.


Best Friends Memes

Best friends do the craziest things and laugh together, we’re sure you can relate to these memes.


Friends are there for each other through ups and downs. That one person you can share your secrets and do silly things together. These memes are hilarious and you can relate to one or two!


Funny Memes About Friends

We put together the funniest memes about friends we’re sure to make you laugh. Whether you have a friend that you always see or someone you haven’t seen in a long time, these memes are perfect to share with them.

Equal level of craziness make great friendship!

1. Darkest secret.

Best Friend Meme


Our best friends knows us too well even our deepest darkest secrets. They know everything about us because we share pretty much everything with them.

This meme is totally relatable especially for those friend of ours who would always slip of the tongue in front of others and start telling embarrassing stuff about us.

2. The look you give your friend

When teacher says pick a partner meme


When the teacher tells to pick a partner, you almost instantly give your friend this look that says your definitely partners in this. Who else do we want to be with than the person we know and trust.

Another epic meme on this list that will surely both you and your best friend. Can you relate?

3. That one ‘slow’ friend we have

Funny Memes About Friends

We always have that one friend who is a bit slow with jokes. While every one is already laughing so hard, there’s that one friend who is still trying to figure out what the joke meant.

After ten minutes there goes that “ahhhhhhhhh” and start laughing.

This meme is hilarious. Best to share with your group of friends who has that one person who is so much like this.

4. How best friends greet each other when they get old…

Funny Memes About Friends

This meme was inspired the movie ‘You Again’. The movie’s story is about how Marni (Kristen Sewart) was bullied by Joana (Odette Annable) in high school who is now going to marry her brother. Turn our their mother is also an old friend of Joana’s aunt.

This scene is towards the end of the movie where their grandmother saw her old classmate and made insulting remark to each as greetings. This meme definitely deserves this spot on this list!

5. When best friends connive

Meme About Friends who hate the same person

Best friends always connive no matter what. Especially when you hate the same person. Remember the time you talk about that person you both hate. This meme is definitely a spot on.

Did your favourite meme made it on this list? Share this to a friend or family to give them a smile on their faces today.

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