Funny Dating Memes – Best Memes about Dating and Relationships

These collection of funny dating memes will remind you what it’s like to be single. Even if you are in a relationship, these memes are still relatable and hilarious at the same time.

Couple dating

We picked the top five funny dating memes on the internet today. Whether you’ve dated someone online on Tinder, yes online dating lol, or in person these memes are almost too relatable.

Check out what are the top five dating memes guaranteed to make you laugh.

Funny Dating Memes

We all went through dating stage before being in a relationship. At some point we stalked our dates online and check out their Facebook or Instagram accounts, tell us we’re not alone lol.

You will realize you’ve been in this one or two memes and we’re sure you will cry while laughing out loud on these.

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1. The stalker.

Funny Dating Memes about Facebook and Instagram

Stalker alert! We don’t know anyone who has not stalked his or her date online. The moment a friend introduce someone to us we almost instantly check their social media profiles.

Going through their photos and profile information, a serious date stalker does better research than the FBI. LOL

How far has your research skills brought you? Tell us the story in the comments below.

2. Single on Valentine’s Day

Funny Dating Memes about Valentine;s day

Being single on Valentine’s day is the worst thing ever. While your friends are planning their dates on V day, yours is probably to just sleep all day or don’t exist.

This day definitely sucks if you’re not in a relationship.

What did you on Valentine’s day the last time you were single?

3. Match. Chat. Date.

Funny Dating Memes about Tinder

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app most often used as a dating site, that allows users to like or dislike other users, and allows users to chat if both parties like each other.

It is one of the most popular app for meeting new people and eventually… dating.

With over 30 billion matches to date, it can be considered your most dependable wingmate, wherever you are.

Have your already tried any online dating apps? What’s your Tinder story?

4. The homeless.

Funny Dating Memes about dating a girl

Exchanging numbers after a date is pretty much the next thing to do if you feel the date went well. But what if she didn’t text after asking her to let you know when she’s home already?

This is one of the funniest dating memes we found online and definitely deserves this spot on our top five list.

Have you been there too?

5. Expectation vs. Reality

profile pics Dating Memes

We don’t go on a date with someone unless we are physically attracted to them first. Everyone’s guilty of that.

So when you see their profiles on Tinder or Facebook and agreed to meet in person, you definitely expect them to look like their profile pictures.

But what if your expectation did not meet reality? LOL

Have been there too? Tell us the story in the comments below!

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