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The Best Funny Winter Memes Collection – Winter Sucks!

We are in December, and no denying that winter seems to drag on and on! This best funny winter memes collection aims to put a smile on your face, and warm your heart. We’re nice like that!

The Best Funny Winter Memes Collection

Do you get snow during your winter time? We know not everyone does. Even if you don’t, winter in the Northern hemisphere can seem to drag on, with cold, grey weather, no sign of the sun etc etc. Slapwank are here to brighten your day though!

The Best Funny Winter Memes Collection - Winter Sucks!


Best Funny Web Browser Memes

This collection of best Funny Web Browser Memes might sound geeky. Well, it is a little bit. BUT, if you have ever used different web browsers, you will know how accurate this funny memes are! Check out the best of the best below…

Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection

I think that explorer may be the butt of most of these jokes, but let’s see!!

Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection

Browsers! Yay! Explorer really is that bad though. No joke!

See what I mean!

Of course, for some reason, people still use explorer. This explains who!

Best Funny Web Browser Memes Collection


This happens to me all the time.


Chrome is pretty good too though.

These are definitely  some of our faves! If you want to check out more best funny web browser memes, please visit our facebook page – Slapwank.




Russian Drug Cheats – What’s New? Didn’t You See Rocky 4?

So, with news that Russian Athletes are drug cheats, we ask ourselves what’s new? Did no one else see Rocky 4? The most famous of the Russian Drug Cheats!

Russian Drug Cheats - What's new? Did no one else watch Rocky 4?

Russian Drug Cheats

In a way, Slapwank thinks that it would be much more fun for everyone to be a drug cheat. This way, the athletes could be pumped full of drugs, and we could just see how fast they could really run.

Slight problem though, they might all turn into this..

Belarus Shot Putter

Nadzeya Ostapchuk had to give back her/his/it’s gold medal when anabolic agents found in her/his/it’s system. Bewildering that this athlete actually needed a test to prove that!

Anyway, a full drug Olympics would be awesome in our opinion. Although the Russian drug cheats may be at an early advantage. What do you think?

Walking Dead Funny Meme Collection

Check our Walking Dead Funny Meme Collection! The Walking Dead is back! To celebrate, Slapwank has put together a Walking Dead Funny Meme Collection. Remember to take a look at our other collections of funny memes!

Walking Dead Funny Meme Collection

walking dead funny meme

The evolution of Rick Grimes from the beginning through until now!

7erzlutaqaiqkyqtl14f ksuptlx

Now this would be awesome! A Star War/Walking dead cross over.

There was a lot of crying in earlier episodes.

See what I mean? Damn that man can cry!

We know women think he’s hot, but this is the reality folks!

Which reminds us that Christmas will soon be here…. BOO!!


Very good question!!

Ain’t that the truth!

This had us chuckling!

walking dead funny meme collection

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