Funny Vacation Memes – Get into holiday mode with these vacation memes!

Are you ready to get into vacation mode? Check out these funny vacation memes, and see how many you can relate to!

Funny Vacation Memes

We’ve got a fun collection of memes about vacations here to put a smile on your face. Each one will help put you in the holiday spirit, or make you wish you were on vacation!

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1. On a beach in Mexico

What’s your idea of a good vacation? This person has a crystal clear image of what a good vacation means to them!

Have you been to Mexico, and if so, was this you?

Funny Vacation Memes

2. Leaving work before vacation

This is an all time classic meme, but one that works brilliantly with the vacation theme.

There’s nothing like running out the door from work at the end of the week. Even better, when you’re about to go on vacation!

Funny Vacation Memes

3. Shave before going to the beach

If you are heading to the beach, make sure you have a trim first!

Every year, we see people like this on the beach. Don’t let that person be you!

Funny Vacation Memes

4. Vacation and Rum

Why is it that a vacation brings out the Captain Jack Sparrow in us?

We’d all love a beach job where we can enjoy a rum at the same time. Life goals – open a beach bar anyone?

Funny Vacation Memes

5. Two types of vacation

Of course, you don’t always need to be on vacation yourself. Some of the best vacations happen when it’s the boss that goes away and not you!

Is that a true story for you as well?

Funny Vacation Memes

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