Funny Memes About Love

This collection of funny memes about love will surely make you laugh. Do you want to lift the mood of your friend or partner? Send this collection of funny memes for a dose of fun. These are the top five funniest memes on the internet today that you can surely relate. 


Whether you’re in a relationship or not we’re sure you will find these memes about love hilarious and relatable. If you are feeling bored or just broke up with your partner, these memes are guaranteed to make you laugh and forget about him or her.

Funny Memes About Love

One of the topics that can inspire so many many memes is love. The internet did not fail us on these because you can find thousands of memes on the internet today.  Lucky your we’ve put together the top five funny memes about love to make you laugh.

Check out these memes and let us know which one you can relate with.

1. A woman knows when you are lying or not, so don’t you dare.

memes about lying

Man you can relate to this! When you talk to another girl and your partner immediately give you the look and ask who she was, you know she won’t believe you because she thinks you’re lying. One of the funniest memes we found and we’re pretty sure your belly will hurt from laughing.

2. You’re supposed to know.

Funny memes about love

This meme deserves this spot on this list. When a women thinks you’re supposed to know why they are not talking or where you are supposed to eat or how you should feel about something this meme is right on point.

Show this meme to your partner and we’re sure she will laugh at this one too!

3. Your school crush finally sends you a friend request.

Funny memes about crush

We’ve all been there and done that. The waiting game isn’t over yet? When you’ve been waiting for your crush to send you a friend request feels like forever, this meme definitely shows how it feels.

Do you have a friend who can relate to this? Send her this now!

4. Single. For. Life

Funny memes about being single

We all have that one friend who is still single or it could be us. While all of your friends are in a relationship or is getting married, there you are still single. This meme perfectly describes how it feels to be in that situation.

Show this to you friends who are in a relationship and we’re sure they will have a good laugh too!

5. The face I make when people brag about their relationship on Facebook.

Funny memes about social media

This is one of the funniest meme we about and we are absolutely sure that you can relate to this! Nothing is ever real on social media anymore. Some people brag about their relationship on social media but it’s not the real score in real life.

This is the face you make especially when you know the real life situation. Funny isn’t it? How people make an effort trying to impress everybody else.

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