Funny New Year’s Resolution Memes For A Good Laugh

This year is coming to a close — which means its time for the New Year’s resolutions again. Sticking to your new year resolutions may sometimes be the most difficult things to follow.

New Year Memes

Making resolutions at the start of the new year is a common tradition, but it isn’t actually something that many people follow through with.  If you’re like most people, making New Year’s resolutions is a lot simpler than keeping them.

There are numerous factors that can happen in a year that might make it difficult to fulfill your objectives.

We’re all guilty of this, and there’s no better way to acknowledge it than with some funny New Year’s resolution memes.

New year Resolution Memes

We’ve collected the top five funniest New Year’s resolution memes on the internet today. Here are our favourite five new year resolutions memes that you will only not relate to if you’re not a human. Check them out. Share with a friend now.

Funny New Year Resolution Memes

Making a New Year’s resolution is great, but what makes the biggest difference in whether you achieve your goal or not.  Some people aspire to more than having a belly button filled with Cheeto dust. Check out the funniest memes for New Year that you surely can relate to.

1. Happy New Year

New year Resolution Meme

Nothing is more relatable than hilarious happy new year memes that you can share with your friends and family to express how stepping into the new year actually makes you feel.

Also, pro tip: if you’re planning some spectacular blowout to ring in midnight, just quit while you’re ahead, because we both know you’ll just end up in bed eating chips and watching movie anyway.

2. I don’t always make resolutions 

New year Resolution Memes

New year’s resolutions have procrastination built into them. After all, setting a January 1st date to implement changes implies that we will only begin to make changes once that date arrives rather than doing it now, and there is no logic in that.

3. No “New Year”/New Me”

New year Resolution Meme new year new me

I think it’s about time we put this whole idea that a new year makes you a different person to bed. Because let’s face it, the only thing that really changes is the date.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen a friend or two who posted on social media this “new year/new me” thing and it’s quite a tradition yearly lol.

4. My New Year’s resolution?

New year Resolution Memes

Take the first step to make sure that it’s a good great chapter by setting New Year’s resolutions. Start the new year right and be awesome! Celebrate the new year with these hilarious New Year’s resolution meme.

5. Don’t oversleep on New Year’s eve.

New year Resolution Memes

Now, if you’re still feeling down about last year’s failures, here’s our New Year’s resolution meme gallery to cheer you up. Have fun

6. Good luck with your New year “Resolutions”

6. Good luck with your New year "Resolutions"

7. Drink less and go the the gym

This is a popular one with people as the year begins!


Drink less and go the the gym

8. One does not simply keep the their New Year Resolutions

One does not simply keep the their New Year Resolutions

9. Ain’t nobody got time for New Year resolutions

Ain't nobody got time for New Year resolutions

10. An anti-New Year resolution

An anti-New Year resolution

11. Go ahead and explain to me these New Year resolutions you speak of

When you’ve seen all the broken resolutions yeat after year to do with losing weight etc.


Go ahead and explain to me these New Year resolutions you speak of

12. Brace yourselves gym goers – it’s New year!

When regular gym goers get ready for the crowd who decided they wanted to diet, lose weight, and get the first week of the year off to a good start by going to the gym.

Brace yourselves gym goers - it's New year!

13. You’re a funny guy New Year’s resolution meme

13. You're a funny guy New Year's resolution meme

14. The lie detector in action at New year



The lie detector in action at New year

15. New year, New Me

That excited look your give when you know everything you are about to promise yourself to start working towards a healthier lifestyle is not worth a damn.

New year, New Me

16. Granny’s New year meme

When you get to a certain age, why not eat what you want – it’s your life after all!


Granny's New year meme

17. Exorcise or exercise?

Exorcise or exercise?

18. It’s hard to be the new me

It's hard to be the new me

19. Kermit New Year meme

The beginning of the year can be a good laugh for some people though. It’s good to put a smile on your face!


Kermit New Year meme

New Year Resolutions should be special. We have shared new year resolution memes, 2020 resolution that will make your belly hurt from laughing so hard.

This meme totally deserves this spot on the list. Has this also happened to you before? Share with a friend who can relate to this!

All the New Years resolution memes you should share with your friends, family, and coworkers for a good laugh at the goal-setting frenzy that’s January 1st.

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