Funny Memes About Life

Life can be a little tough sometimes and we all need a good laugh to make it through the day. This funny memes about life can help you with that.

We’ve put together the top five funny memes about life to give you a dose of laughter today. We’re sure you can relate to these memes and would definitely want to share it with a friend.

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If you’re having a bad day, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give your most needed good vibes from the memes that are totally relatable and funny at the same time. With thousands of memes on the internet today, there’s always that meme that will describe your life right now.

Funny Memes About Life

Here are the best and funniest we found to turn around your boring life today. Check out and let us know which of these you’ve seen yourself in. Enjoy and share with a friend who needs a good laugh today!

1. Life sucks

Funny Memes About Life

We all have that shoes we’ve always wanted to buy but it would costs us almost our full month’s salary. This meme perfectly describes that feeling. There are hundreds of shoes for men and women from top brands that we would love to have but just can’t afford to buy.

Can you relate to this? We’ve all been there!

2. Life is hard.

Funny Memes About getting in shape

Getting in shape is everyone’s goal but food is life. Everyday is another excuse to go to the gym and lose that excess weight. This meme deserves this spot on this list for being so relatable.

Every day is a brand new day for another excuse to go to the gym or start that diet your friend told you about. We all want to get in shape for the summer bod we always dream but you know, life is hard. lol

3. The shit just keeps coming.

Meme About Life

Have you ever thought too that life is like diarrhea? lol Just keep on trying to make things better but shit just keep on coming. They say every day is a brand new life but it’s just the same old shit.

This is one of the funniest meme we found on the internet today and we’re sure you can relate too just like us! You’re not the only one.

4. The face you make when someone adds another plate you need to wash.

Funny Memes About washing the dishes

There are two ways to wash your dishes: by hand or in the dishwasher.  This task includes clearing, drying and putting away. The funniest moment this meme is most applicable to is when you have to do the washing by hand.

This face sums up how we feel when someone adds another plate for us to wash. We can’t help but laugh in this meme like crazy!

5. Who give’s a f*ck?

Memes About not giving a fuck

When you’ve absolutely had it with life’s bullshit and couldn’t care less anymore about what other people say or do. Not sure if this is adulting, life is getting better or the amount of fuck you give is decreasing. Either way this is better than having to deal with all the negative vibes right?

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