Funny Phone Memes – Low batteries, lost phones, fun times!

I see you don’t have a screen protector on your phone – I too like to live dangerously! Here’s some more funny phone memes to share when someone breaks their phone!

A mobile phone, cell phone, cellphone, or hand phone, sometimes shortened to simply mobile or cell. Everyone can’t live without one. These top funny phone memes are relatable and will make you laugh out loud.

woman holding a phone

We’ve all been there having low battery and needs to charge asap or at some point lost the phone but it’s on silent mode.

Funny Phone Memes

We put together the funniest memes you don’t want to miss. Out of all the thousands funny phone memes on the internet, these are spot on!

1. When you’re going to go out but your phone’s at 1%

Funny Phone Memes about charging

This is why battery banks are born. Beat your gadget’s energy gap with a handy pack of power for charging! You can now charge on the go with a battery bank. Never miss a call, text or social media with this gadget.

We’ve all been there when we need to use our phone but only to find out it’s about to die. Today no-one can live without a phone. Whether we need it for business purposes or personal use, having a cell is a must.

Always have your batteries full!

2. Put a ring on it.

Funny Phone Memes about lost phone

This is one of the funniest, relatable and at the same time craziest moment to be in. Losing your phone but it’s on silent mode. So even if you ring it to find where it was, too bad, you shoulda put a ring on it! lol

There is nothing worse than losing your phone except when you lost it when it’s on silent mode. It can be the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone.

3. Don’t swipe left or right, just look!

Funny Phone Memes about picture on the phone

We always have that one friend who will swipe left or right whenever we show them a photo on our phone. But what if there’s something there we don’t want anyone to see?

So before you show them a photo on your phone, make sure to give this warning beforehand. You don’t want them to see your deepest darkest secret lol!

4. That moment your heart beats faster than ever.

Funny Phone Memes about phone in the pocket

The moment you check your phone on your pocket but can’t feel it can totally make your heart beat fast. We’ve all experience this and the moment we realize it’s not in our pocket, we immediately look around us and check if it fell or something.

When we lost our phone we think about all the photos in there that are too much of a heartache to handle. Just make sure not lose your phone when it’s on silent mode. LOL

5. Why did you call me?

Phone Meme about a missed call

Another epic funny moment of losing a phone. You ask your friend to call your phone so you can locate it. Once you do, you ask your friend why he called you.

One of the funniest phone memes we have on this list and deserves this spot.

Did your favourite make it on the list? Comment below and let us know.

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