Funny Work Memes – You can’t wait to leave the office!

Even the most industrious person you know sometimes feel lazy going to work or that colleague who’s always looking forward to get out of the office. And office is just another place where all the funniest situations can happen. These funny work memes are perfect to give us some ice breaker and a dose of laughter in the office.

Funny Work Memes

These top five memes are the funniest we found to make you laugh today. We can all relate and say ‘yup that’s me’. So whether you’re at work today or it’s a weekend, we’re sure these are relatable and you’ve been there too!

Funny Work Memes

Are you bored at work? These compilation of the funniest work memes will make you feel better. So take away the toxic environment and check out these funny work memes.

Humor can be a way to be successful at work. We can’t be all serious all the time. We all need a dose of laughter to keep us sane. Check out these funny work memes and share with a colleague who would need some laughter too!

1. Mondays be like

Funny work memes about going to work

Weekend is over and it’s back to the grind again. Most people hate Monday because it’s the first day of work. But don’t you think Monday hate coming after the weekend too? LOL

Weekend out of town with friends or family or probably typically just lying down all day and then here comes Monday to remind you to hustle. We all can relate to this!

2. What time is it?

Funny work memes about sitting at work

Can’t wait to get out of the office but there’s still forty minutes left so this is how you would probably look at the time. This is one of the funniest work memes and we all have been there.

We are all that someone who can’t wait to leave the office  at some point and this meme is spot on!

3. Time is slow when you wait.

Funny work memes about time

You thought you’ve been working for hours and is about to go home in a few but you look at the clock and still got three more hours to go. You be like “Wuuuutt?!”

Funny work memes are one of the ways to break that boredom and this meme deserve this spot. We’re laughing and crying.

4. After a toxic day at work be like

memes about workmates

We all have that one person we hate at work. Funny thing is most of the time you end up working with that person in a project. It sucks right? So going home without killing that person can be an achievement and you definitely deserve an award. lol

This is all of us after a day at work with that person we hate!

5. Working from home

memes about working from home

Because sharing memes is our love language so here’s another funny work meme for you. Who doesn’t love memes? They are our saving grace from toxic day at work.

Poke fun, have a laugh, or lighten the mood, this one is a good working from home meme.

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