The Best Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – Classic British Comedy

Rik Mayall in Bottom was perfection in action! One of the UK’s funniest comedians and actors has made generations of people laugh. Let’s take a look at the best Rik Mayall Bottom scenes.

5 of the best Rik Mayall Bottom scenes

Bottom – UK TV Comedy

Bleak and funny, mad and genius, Bottom is a cult British Comedy. Featuring two hopeless losers who would prefer to have a wangle than get a job, it combined madcap slapstick humour with a dash of violence.

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Bottom was the creation of British Comedy legends Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. The series ran from 1991 to 1995 on TV, with several live performance tours.

Who is it Darling? It's the Gas Man! Classic Bottom quote

Bottom was physical comedy at its very best, and there’s tonnes of contenders for the funniest moments.

It’s always going to be an impossible task picking out the very 5 best Rik Mayall Bottom scenes. So, here’s five to be getting on with, and we’ll come back with five more in a few weeks time!

1. Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – The Hobnob Fight

Richie and Eddie  go camping to prove they’re rugged outdoorsmen, but there might be only Wombles to eat – if they have enough meat on them of course.

Eddie has an emergency packet of chocolate Hobnobs,but refuses to share them. Then the violence ensues!

2. Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – The Chess Fight

The lads are playing a game of chess using random objects from around the house. Richie performs his final attack, but as he squirts the ketchup realises Eddie is unimpressed who then checkmates him.

You’ll never guess what… There’s another fight! The umbrella bit is our favourite!

3. Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – Do your balls hang low?

Eddie drinks the bleach before passing out, and even a hot iron won’t wake him up.

Richie decides that drastic action is needed, and so gets ready to drag him up to bed.

As he prepares the rope, there’s a little song and dance for us all!

4. Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – Live Bloopers

If you ever had the good fortune to watch the Bottom stage show live, you’ll know how funny it was!

For those that didn’t though, their legacy lives on in the DVDs of the live shows.

Over the years, the ‘blooper’ sections have become probably the most popular parts. Don’t you ever yearn for change?

5. Rik Mayall Bottom Scenes – It’s the Gas Man

We couldn’t not include this one! Bottom fans love this quote, and it’s easy to see why.

Anyway, what is gas? And would you like a cup of the best tea in London?

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