Neil From The Young Ones – Funniest Scenes

Neil was the hippy of the Young Ones house, and always seemed to get picked on by the other housemates. He also had some of the funniest lines and scenes in the classic British sitcom. Here’s a look at some of them.

Neil from the Young Ones inspects the beans

Hippy Neil

Played by British comedian Nigel Planer, Neil appeared in all the episodes of the Young Ones, and was one of the main four characters.

He always seems to get picked on, particularly by Vyvyan and Rik.

If I had a penny for every time I answered the door - Neil quote from the Young Ones

Neil’s role in the house

Oh, Neil, Neil, Orange Peel! We loved you, even though you were a dirty smelly hippy!

Neil’s role in the was to do the cooking and the cleaning in the shared student house. Clearly he’s not very good at it, as the house is always in a right state!

When he does cook, lentils are normally involved, although he has also served up snow and the infamous  ‘leftovers’!

Oh heavy heavy heavy says Neil from the Young Ones

Neil’s Friends

Miraculously, Neil does seem to have some friends!

These are of course mostly hippies, one of which is also called Neil.

Some of his friends attended a party at the guy’s house one time.

Neil from the Young Ones at the party taking off into space

Little known Neil facts

  • Last name Pye
  • Peace Studies student at Scumbag College
  • Reached number 2 in the charts with ‘Hole In My Shoe”

Neil from the Young Ones Funniest Scenes

1. Neil explains about his exams

Stop writing please!

2. Where’s the bloody vindaloo hippy?

Neil wants to know why it’s always his job to get the food from the shop. Another hilarious clip from the classic British comedy series The Young Ones.

3. Neil enjoys himself at a party

Have a bang of this number man!

4. Neil sows the seed

 This self-sufficiency thing really is amazing. We sow the seed, right. Nature grows the seed, and then, we eat the seed. And then, after that, we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, and then, we eat the seed. And then, after that again, we sow the seed, nature grows the seed.

And let’s leave you all with a final thought.

I wish there were no machines and we all lived a pastoral existence. Trees and flowers don’t deliberately call out and go beep in your ear.

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